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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Short Intermission
I'm taking a brief blog-break. It won't be long – two weeks max, I reckon. You must surely know by now that I love the sound of my own voice far too much to stay away from that "Post & Publish" button for any longer than that.

Grown-up work, from being for ever so long a sweetly compliant, and actually rather cuddly, pussycat has suddenly mutated into a voracious, man-eating sabre-tooth, and they’re not the easiest kitties to tame. So unfortunately that must take priority for the moment. There are certain Other Things which need to be Sorted Out as well, but we don't blog about those, do we?

I also need to recharge the blog-batteries, and catch up with other people's web logs, something I've been neglecting recently. It'll also offer me the chance of having a go at being a comments-whore, possibly the only branch of whoredom I still haven't tried out.

So see you in a couple of weeks. I might even start posting some piccies as well then, if I could only figure out how all that nonsense works.

Back by Beltane, my dears, or whenever Todd and Karl get their leg over, whichever gets me most excited.