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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Today I removed the shocking-pink faux fur which for the past year has rimmed my bathroom mirror, in preparation for its replacement by a rather funkier, chrome-framed and rivet-studded, gun-metal grey model.

With an aching heart, I realised this also meant that the similarly coloured drapes covering one entire wall would also have to go. And after that, well, it was curtains too for the glitter ball, which never failed to cheer me up whenever I staggered in bleary-eyed and hungover on the hunt for the sodium bicarbonate.

And now my collection of four Barbies, including this one, three Kens, and Brandon and Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210, who’ve been sitting lined up on the bathroom shelf since I moved into this flat, have now all been consigned to the shoebox under the bed, along with those other things I’d rather not everyone knew about.

Butch. It’s the next big thing around here, my dears.