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Monday, March 08, 2004
Back To Business
After a relaxing week's holiday, spent largely not doing all those useful things I should have been doing around the house (oven-cleaner: what is that for?), I returned to work refreshed, determined to face my daily grind with a smile on my face, and a merry little song in my heart. Because a positive attitude, well, it's the new black, isn't it?

No. Actually black is the new black. As in black mood, black day and the Black Death I'd cheerfully visit on certain colleagues if only I had a plague rat handy. Already the first Hissy Fit of the month has been thrown, and I'm gearing up for a particularly impressive Flounce round about three-thirty this afternoon.

For not only am I greeted by a pile of leftover paperwork that someone else just couldn't be arsed to do ("but, Stranger, you do it so much better than we ever could"), the administrative, electronic and inter-departmental chaos whipped up in my absence means that the only words springing readily to mind are "piss-up", "brewery" and "inability to organise".

And it's my Blogday today. So a happy Blogday to me. One year on, and I really should know better.