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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Waiting for The Man
I spent most of yesterday at my desk, checking the Timex every ten minutes, impatiently awaiting the hourly visit of one of the mail-room boys, like a cokehead in the bar on the look-out for the candyman. No, my dears, this is not the start of some sort of hopeless crush on one of the office juniors. For starters, I don't do crushes: grandes passions certainly, full-on "Total Eclipse of the Heart" scorchers when I can get away with them, and undying-love-ya-till-next-Wednesdays (roughly every other Tuesday), but crushes, never. Crushes are for sissies.

No, I really was waiting for the post, and in particular some pricey office software I'd ordered on-line a week ago. I knew it was on its way because I'd checked the website, and its regular on-the-hour non-appearances were making me ever more grumpy. After all, hadn't I set aside Monday evening at home to install it onto the sleek, ebony, does-everything-but-mix-the-Martinis PC I'd bought as a Valentine's to myself, as well as getting in a nice bottle of Argentinean red just for the occasion? Well, a day later and I'm still waiting. I know that someday my post will come, but, with this techno-geek attitude I seem recently to have acquired, I 'm not holding out much hope for my prince.