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Friday, February 06, 2004
In Denial
Yeah, course I go there, mate, I mean, don't get me wrong, it’s not like I'm a puff or anything, but them bender blokes, well, they're all right once you get to know them, and they've got some blinding clubs, and the music's like real cutting-edge too, and there's always some fantastic-looking birds there too, nah, not lezzies but the actual real thing, some proper stunners too, yeah, you wouldn't credit it, would you, and them slags, well, like they're real relaxed, but do us a favour, you think they really want to be out with their woofter friends, when they can shag a real man like me, so that's why I go off to them queer clubs, knowwhatimean?

Though, fair's fair, a couple of them nancy boys, well, they ain't so bad, knowwhatimean, and they always know where to get the best gear, and the other night, well, I reckon I was pissed, I tell you I was off me tits, man, knowwhatimean, and I had a couple of them pills, as you do, and, like, it were obvious all them shirt-lifters were getting off on me, course I told them I weren't interested, didn't I, like I ain't havin' nothing to do with all of that, well, it ain't natural, innit, although there were that geezer down the Arsenal, and I mean, he supported the Gunners and all that, and you wouldn't have known it if I hadn't gone and ... well, let's not talk about that now...

Anyways, I was having a real good time with these two arse-bandits I got chatting to, like you do, so we went on back to their gaff, didn't we, and it was real nicely decorated like in them makeover things on the telly, but don't get me wrong, we just had a good laff and a smoke like you do with anyone, and, I mean, there's summat not right about it, but live and let live, that's what I say, not that I let them get the wrong idea, you know, c'mon, what do you think I am, I'm a real ferkin' man's man, that's what I am, ain't I, but just between you and me I reckon they was begging for it, and, like, it doesn't hurt to be friendly, does it, knowwhatimean, and that stuff the three of us had, well, I reckon I was really stoned that night, yeah, that must have been it, really arseholed, knowwhatimean, but too right we're all going back next week.

That fag hag of theirs? Nah, she was a tart, right old slapper, couldn't handle a man's man like me, knowwhatimean, but that's OK, Gareth and Jason said they'd see me sorted... Knowwhatimean?