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Thursday, November 27, 2003
Dalek, I Love You
Last night, a friend, far too young ever to have met them in real life, and only familiar with black-and-white newspaper photographs, casually asked me what colour a Dalek was. Only, not knowing any better, she pronounced it "Day-lik", instead of "Dar-lek".

After I'd corrected her and then patiently explained in great detail that it all depended on which rival faction you were talking about, at which particular point in whose version of their history, and whether you regarded as canonical the telly, the movies, the comics, or the DIY version, it was politely suggested it might be time for me to get my cloakroom ticket and retrieve my anorak from the coat-check.

My contacts tell me there's a rather racy new drug out on the streets these days. I believe it's called "Life". Must think about getting myself one.