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Saturday, August 30, 2003
Ladies And Gentlemen, There Will Now Be A Short Intermission
(Please Collect Your Drinks At The Bar)

It should only be for a few days, until the middle of next week. I normally aim to be Invisible, and a Stranger, and not get too personal in this blog of mine, but today, my dears, I simply don't give a sodding f**k fuck. My mother, the woman who brought me up single-handedly with no help from anyone else, thank-you-very-much, has had an accident. It's sort-of-serious when you're told about it on your mobile last night after two bottles of Beaujolais Villages (she never did have much sense of timing, did my mum). It's hopefully-and-probably-not-that-serious in the cold, hungover light of day. But it does mean that I'm going Up North to see her. And they don't have this internet access thingie up there, you know. So see you next week.

Sometimes, all the show-tunes in the world can't even begin to help.