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Thursday, July 31, 2003
You've Got Mail
Today at work, at precisely 16h57, I E-mailed my personal computer at home. As usual, the post outlined all the tasks to be completed between my arrival back in N7, and my turning-in at 23h25 this evening.

At roughly 23h10 tonight (depending, of course, on what Radio 4's got scheduled), I will remind my Outlook work-account of the stuff which needs to get done between clocking-on tomorrow, and 16h57, when I will, as ever, send myself This-Weekend's-Things-That-Really-Must-Get-Done.

The first person who even remotely considers using the words "anal", "retentive", "sad", "control" or "freak" in the same sentence will be shot.

Trust me, my dears. It's already On The List.