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Thursday, July 10, 2003
Suing For Dummies
Destruction for Dummies, or D4D, which I've only just discovered, so thank-you-very-much, has nothing to do with the "Dummies" series of books. It's obvious, isn't it? For starters, there's been a disclaimer to that effect from Day One. Anyway, I reckon it's funnier. And more lucidly written. Oh, and more attractively laid-out too. And it doesn't carry incomplete bits of code which screwed up my Access programming for days either.

(Go to Lyle's blog or here for a succinct and Fun And Easy Way ™ to discover what I'm talking about.)

However, Wiley Books, who publish "Dummies", think differently and, my, have they come over all serious and uppity. So naughty Lyle must take it down, or Wiley's, well, they'll stamp their feet up and down! And they'll huff! And they'll puff! And they'll pout! Oooh, and they'll flounce too!

And, of course, get their way in the end. The big boys with the dosh usually do. And while, in England at least, there's no copyright in a title, I suspect the law regarding trademarks and such like might be different. However, by being so humourless and litigiously American, Wiley's are shooting themselves in the foot. It's not exactly going to do much good for their rep as a set of fun and laid-back reference books for the Rest of Us® , is it?

F**k 'em if they can't take a joke.