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Saturday, July 12, 2003
Can't You Tell By The Way I Walk?
Hurrah! Just got called a "batty boy" on the street. Surprisingly, it's my very first piece of homophobic abuse this year, which means either that London N7 is getting much more tolerant of Marys like me, or that I really should get out a lot more.

Hurler of said insult was one of the local, barely-legal crack-whores, who seemed to be quite put-out when I told her, in no uncertain four-letter terms, that no, I wasn't even vaguely tempted to invest in the business proposition she had to offer.

Hopefully, she'll now inform her fellow prozzies that the man with the funny walk and the even funnier clothes, who's always singing show-tunes as he minces his way to the gym, is a no-hoper. Somehow, I doubt it.