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Sunday, July 06, 2003
Am I Blue
For reasons too personal and trivial to mention, I've been seriously down this entire weekend with the bad-dog blues. So seriously down, in fact, that my usual tried and trusted cure-all remedy of repeated listenings and lip-synching (with Mister Hairbrush) to Mack and Mabel, Hello, Dolly, and Miss Spectacular didn't help one bit.

So, to cheer myself up, I went out this morning and treated myself to a DVD player, and the disks to go with it. And I would love to tell you that my purchases consisted of terribly intellectual and demanding art-house movies, every single one in grainy, sub-titled black-and-white, with an accompanying and definitive critique by some long-haired Frenchman, whose name I wouldn't even dare to pronounce until I've had at least five Ricards.

Instead, I arrived home with three Doctor Whos, two Avengers, the entire run of Stingray, and four Hollywood musicals.

Before, I might have been glamorously depressed. Now, I'm just plain sad.