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Monday, June 30, 2003
You Have To Understand The Way I Am, Mein Herr…
Just limped into N7 after five days and nights in Prussia, and you expect me to blog straight away about the annual Christopher Street Day hi-jinks in Berlin? Well, shan't. Largely because I can't construct sentences at the moment. So here's a few figures to be going on with:

Number of hours spent walking the streets of Berlin for Acceptance Instead Of Tolerance of gay men and lesbians on Saturday afternoon: 4 and a bit
Average temperature: 29 degrees
Number of blisters on my feet: 2 to the right, 4 to the left
Approximate number of bottles of Schultheiss consumed over the past five days: 40
Approximate number of bottles of Sekt shared at the post-march bash with people I will never meet again: 9
Don't ask about the vodka
Number of like-minded people marching and dancing with me on the day: 599,999 That's right. More. Than. Half. A. Bloody. Million.
Number of hours of sleep lost: 20 (at least)
Number of insect bites received: 8
Number of total strangers kissed in not entirely unrelated incidents: 8
Number of people I assured were my best friend, no Liebchen you really, really, really are: 5
Number of these people whose names I can now remember: 0
Number of bars visited: you really do not want to know

More to come, but, for now, my dears, I'm to bed.