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Friday, June 13, 2003
On The Buses
"Yeah, the best, they are, the business. Jump on and off when you want, where you want… Oldest in the garage? Beautiful suspension though. And still quicker than them crap new 'uns, they're bringing in… I mean, they say they're fast, but they hold everything up, don't they?… Like, this bird's been gabbing in the queue for, what, half an hour, and she still ain't got her bleedin' pass out. Or the driver's got to get her change for a tenner. A tenner, would you credit it?…

"And these ones, well, they're farkin' safe too, aren't they, what with a conductor and all that, I mean, I wouldn't want my Nan to ride nothing else late at night… You know, giving up the buses was the worst thing I ever did. How long you been workin' then? Won't be another ten, I'll tell you that. European dee-rec-tives an' all that. Born with the buses, I was. Never thought I'd see 'em out…"

Riding the 390 into town this morning, I had constantly to turn around to check that the grizzled former conductor lamenting the eventual phasing-out of the London classic hop-on hop-off Routemaster bus was not, in fact, me.