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Monday, June 02, 2003
The Morning After The Night Before
"That tuna was really off know-what-I-mean and I should have checked the sell-by date and maybe cooked it in the microwave a minute longer but what can you do I mean it's probably down to the weather as well isn't it know-what-I-mean and I was in a rush and my leg's hurting too you wouldn't believe how much my leg is hurting and my girlfriend no that sort of girlfriend well she's just come back from Kosovo and there was so much to do and yes of course but there's a mains leak outside the front door and I've got no water anyway and I'm still waiting for them to come round and fix it and they're chopping up furniture outside my flat and I couldn't sleep all night and you wouldn't believe how "



"Does this mean that you're hungover and not coming in to work today?"

"Um… well… er… yeah… S'pose so."

"Right. Fine. Take care. See you tomorrow."