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Saturday, June 21, 2003
Magic Moments
Today, I might choose to join my chums beyond the wardrobe in a world populated by eccentric magicians, fantastic creatures and an evil from the dawn of time. Or just stay in school and take the piss out of Sigismund, Grimes and Kurdling.

Or Lyra and me, well, we might peer through an amber spyglass, or take a hike beyond the Misty Mountains to help fight the dragon, or journey over sea and under stone with Great-Uncle Merry.

And if I want to know about teenage love, and coming to terms with death, then what better excuse for a day at the seaside with Hal Robinson? And, if I dare to be scared, then there's always the Ladies at Whitby.

I also hear that Kirrin Island is somewhere around those parts, so, golly, there'll be adventures galore for everyone! Or what about going even further afield with Mrs Whosit, Mrs Whatsit and Mrs Which in search of Charles Wallace?

What I will not be doing, and especially today, is reading even one insipid, uninspiring, fifth-rate, derivative, manipulative, over-hyped, word-processed and manufactured sentence by That Woman.

Hogwarts? Hogwash, more like.