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Monday, May 26, 2003
What I Did On My Holidays
A Bank Holiday. Twenty-four hours in which to do exactly what I want. Am I up to the challenge?

Well, there are those slatted blinds, I bought six months ago, which have been staring accusingly at me ever since. I could do a Handy Andy and put them up. I suppose.

Or, if that's a little too butch, I could play back last night's Six Feet Under, the one I missed because I was getting sentimental (drunk) in a bar in Islington. And then watch those episodes from the first series I missed because I was being everyone's best mate (drunk) in a bar in Soho.

Then again, I really should sit down and fine-tune the CV. And I ought to clear the cupboard and fridge of anything with a sell-by date earlier than 2001. As well as collating, indexing, filing and rationalising all my various financial papers. And those windows need cleaning. And the blog redesigning. And the leather jacket repairing. And the Improving Book to be read. Sometime.

But, as it's a holiday, I should take advantage of all the fine cultural opportunities this city has to offer. Visit a museum or gallery, Take in a black-and-white movie with subtitles. Fly a kite on the Heath.. Mince on down to Brighton. Or get in a couple of bottles, invite some friends over, and whip up a Delia.

Or I could just simply get the first round of Stellas in.