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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Never, Never, Never
Hey, Mr DJ, I do not do Camp in the mornings, OK? I've written about my gym's music policy before, but today's work-out was the queerest yet.

Despite its reputation as a fun place for young men to stay, my gym is officially mixed and heterosexual. Well, usually: I'll admit in the early evenings you sometimes can't move for the Marys you saw at Crash last weekend. However, it usually straightens itself out by about half-seven, as all we pumped-up Gym Bunnies waddle off to the latest event in our ever-so-glittering social calendars.

Which is why, at seven a.m., every metropolitan queen with half a brain cell (and there are many, my dears) is still in bed, usually recovering from the excesses of the night before. So what music do we get playing on continuous loop in the all-male, all-straight Free Weights Room, this morning?

Shirley Bloody Bassey, that's who.