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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Always Look On The Bright Side
Out on the impromptu razz last night. On school-days, this usually means a civilised two courses followed by one half-bottle too many, rather than topless abandon, sordid goings-on, and pass the poppers, please.

So old mate, Foodie, and I dropped by one of our favourite restaurants on the off-chance of a table. The place has a well-deserved reputation, and, as they operate a no-booking system, there's often a queue outside. Surprisingly, even pre-theatre, we didn't have to wait. Duty Manager Edwin shooshed us through and to a free table immediately.

Food, as usual, was perfect. Crispy aromatic duck, expertly shredded at the table, and dipped in hoi sin. Juicy king prawns in a sizzling garlicky sauce. A couple of bottles of dry white, an on-the-house pot of oolong too. Service was so helpful and attentive we were made to feel like the only people in the world. Which is, more or less, what we were, with one entire floor of the restaurant just to ourselves.

There's one thing you can say about this whole SARS hysteria bit. It doesn't half increase your chance of a decent table in Chinatown on a Tuesday night.