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Monday, April 14, 2003
You Could Have Said…
It was a quiet place, once. Idyllic even. A welcome and much-needed retreat from the cold, cruel demands of an uncaring corporate world. A secret place, whose address was revealed to but a select few.

Those who knew its location would always be dropping by. They'd chat together, sharing confidences. Sometimes they'd tell each other jokes. Nothing too risqué, you understand. No, their world was an old-fashioned one of charm and gentility and studied elegance. It was a world about to be changed forever.

For one of the friends kept a journal. And, just over a month ago, that friend decided to put his journal on-line. And, in so doing, he made the whole world aware of his own private little place.

And now?

Ping! Spam to the left of me. Ping! Spam to the right of me. Ping! Ping! PING! Spam pouring out of every single bloody orifice you can think of…