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Thursday, April 24, 2003
The Sound Of Silence
What to do when the entire IT system of a major international company crashes on Thursday afternoon: make half-hearted effort to clear up outstanding paperwork; construct five-metre daisy-chain from paper-clips; cheer, upon discovering you can still play Minesweeper; read this week's Popbitch; piss off to pub.

What to do when you arrive home to discover there was a power cut earlier today: reset kitchen clock; reset microwave (badly); reset central heating timer; reset alarm-clock; for six a.m., I'll have you know; reset VCR; pull strop when you realise you've missed tonight's EastEnders; reset digital ansaphone; realise that he could have left a message and now you'll never know; curse all things digital; piss off to reliably analogue pub.

What to do when, having been told to turn off all the lights and power at your local radio station late one night, you end up pulling one lever too many, and take BBC Radio 2 off the air throughout the entire North-West (population: a mere 4 million) for the next twenty minutes: Leave North-West for good, piss off to London, keep quiet for next twenty years.

(And the sad thing is that no-one noticed. Radio 2 going off the air, that is.)