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Thursday, April 17, 2003
Rebel, Rebel
"Due to Friday being a bank holiday, I confirm that Thursday will be classed as a 'dress down day'. As is the usual for those taking part clothing should be 'smart casual'. Jeans, trainers and other similar items of clothing are not regarded as acceptable."

Wise up, old love. "Smart casual" is the best you get from me any day of the week. Won't do ties. Or suits. Still haven't figured out what cufflinks are for.

In the button-lipped, uptight, professional world in which I currently work, I probably only get away with ignoring the suit-and-tie rule because of my cheeky-chappie, cute-as-a-button charm —

— hello? Is there anyone out there who would like to back me up on that one? There is? Cheers. Thanks, Mum.
— because of my cheeky-chappie, cute-as-a-button charm, and the fact I rarely have client contact with the outside world. And yes, I think that, secretly, everyone likes having a pet eccentric enfant terrible around, an unpredictable court jester who's also wise enough to know when not to rock the boat too much.

So, today, as on every other day when I am encouraged to do "smart-casual", I am sporting a crisply-laundered collar and tie. Next dress-down day, I may even get that old Hugo Boss back from the dry-cleaners.

There. That'll show 'em. That'll really get up their respectable, corporate noses, that will.