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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Pump Up The Volume

There's been a change of muzak down the gym. We now have a choice of three soundtracks, appropriate to our location, and what we're doing at the time.

In the changing rooms, lightweight classical is now being played. Schubert, Strauss, maybe a little Satie. It's a soothing and civilised way of easing yourself either into or out of a strenuous workout.

Over in the main sports hall, there's a live feed of Heart FM. All the latest hits to relieve the tedium and frustration of cycling ten miles on an exercise bike to arrive precisely nowhere.

And down in the testosterone-charged and ever-so-butch Free Weights Room, we now lift our barbells to a backing track of mid-80s pop-rock. The crashing beats of a choice Duran Duran or the histrionics of a Jim Steinman collaboration are surprisingly good in helping you focus on those lunges and bicep curls.

Until this morning, that is, when, to spite us all, some vicious little queen put a different tape onto the sound system.

Do you realise just how much of a Nelly I felt, pumping serious iron to Wham!'s "Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)"?