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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Dangling Conversation
"Yeah-yeah-yeah, Lisa, know whatcha-sayin', but, like, it's the Same Old Story all over again, innit? Hear wot I'm sayin'? You hear wot I'm sayin'? Er, Hello, Leece, this is me you're speakin' to, Do-You-Hear-What-I-Am-Saying? Right. Nah, 's OK. Yeah, I know, but he's a grown man, in'e? You don't have to be his nappy-changer any more. Know-wot-I-mean? Jus' go do it. 'course you can. Say sumfink's cropped up. Dunno. Hafta see a friend. Nah, 's'not a lie. Well, not really. Anyway, it's nuffink like wot he's bin doin' to you. Take time out. Yeah. Say you gotta go down the gym. Coupla days. Weeks. Month, if ya haveta. Lisa, that is Just-So-Wrong-Of-You-To-Think-That. You owe 'im nuffink. You hear me? Nuffink. Well, 'course that's what he'd say. And per-leeeaze, oh, excuse me here, but like we just really do not know why he went and did that, do we? Like we're all idiots or summat? Do us all a favour, willya? Look, Leece, I'm your friend, and so's Jo, an' we both of us all know what his little game is…"

At which point I had reached my stop and had to get out. Sometimes, listening to the bus-driver's mobile conversation to her best mate is miles better than a triple bill of EastEnders.