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Sunday, April 27, 2003
All Alone Am I
Invisible Stranger wakes up early on a lovely Sunday morning. For once, Invisible Stranger feels clear-headed and as fresh as a daisy. My, what a queer feeling that is! Invisible Stranger rubs Mr Sandman's sleepy-dust out of his eyes, and then gets up and skips merrily off into his lovely little kitchen to make himself a scrumptiously healthy breakfast.

Invisible Stranger is happily singing a happy song, because he is just so happy. And what could be making Invisible Stranger so happy? you may ask. Why, because Invisible Stranger decided not to go to any of those nasty dancey places last night and have a nasty dancey time with all his nasty dancey friends. No, instead, Invisible Stranger was very grown-up and stayed in his lovely little home, trying to laugh at the lovely Jack and Karen Show on his lovely little video-machine. Oh, Invisible Stranger has been such a good and lovely and boring little boy!

And now Invisible Stranger is wondering why all his nasty dancey friends, who went to all those nasty dancey places last night, aren't answering their phones.

Silly Invisible Stranger!