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Friday, March 28, 2003
A Foggy Day In London Town
Passport finally found. Airplane unfortunately gone missing.

Whip up a bit of fog and London City Airport grinds to a halt. So all Berlin flights cancelled. And after waiting in a queue for ninety minutes for an alternative flight, the lady-Dalek at the desk tells me the next flight I can get is Monday afternoon.

Monday afternoon! Anything can happen between now and Monday afternoon, I tell her, including tonight's Wild-Wild West Party at the Prinzknecht bar on Fuggerstraße. Between now and Monday afternoon is an eternity in which a certain someone in the German capital might just have been copping off with a certain someone else. Lady-Dalek really doesn't understand, so I grab a cab and go home.

Not to worry. I am a mature, responsible individual and I will not let this get to me. I will be positive. I will treat this as an unexpected opportunity to do all those things I have never gotten round to doing. I shall not let this get to me. And I shall phone Lufthansa and demand my refund in a reasoning and non-challenging way. For I shall not let this get.. And I shall take long leisurely walks on Hampstead Heath and read an improving book and go out for English meals with my dear, dear English friends. For I shall not let this… And I shall tread peacefully, serene and smiling in the English sunshine, taking advantage of these next four days of blissful non-action. For I shall not let… let.. let…. aaaaaaaaAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!