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Saturday, March 22, 2003
309 Days
There was a period of my life when I taped off the telly, or from friends' no-questions-asked copies of BBC Archive material, just about anything which looked even remotely interesting. Most of the usual suspects are there: quite a lot of "classic" kids' telly; a fair smattering of TV sci-fi (well, all right, Doctor Who); a complete run of Carry Ons; black-and-white weepies for smoochy Sundays; practically all the movies which usually end up in someone's top one-hundred list somewhere.

There are some gems here too: every episode of Soap; a 1969 Blue Peter with Valerie Singleton ("Goodness me, it's hard work doing shopping with a lion"); all the BBC live newscasts from 9 November 1989 and the breach of the Berlin Wall; and a 1990 three-hour review of 80s chart hits which makes me want to both dig out my old pixie-boots and shoot myself in equal measure.

Faced with so much choice, I end up watching the tried-and-trusted favourites. Which means that out of five-hundred-odd videos on the shelves, at least two-thirds are unwatched. They’re staring accusingly at me now, demanding to be dusted down and enjoyed. Allowing for the fact I do have a job, and require some sleep, to do that would take me into next year. January 25th to be precise.

But I'll try, truly I will. So. Which should it be? It’s A Wonderful Life, which, I am reliably assured, will make me glow with well-being all over? An unseen Inspector Morse? Maybe I should sample this stylish Italian or even him. And, as probably the only male on Old Compton Street never yet to have seen it, I really ought to check these boyz out . The choice is endless; I am really a very, very fortunate person to own such an amazing and eclectic range of videos.

OK. Carry On Cleo it is then.

Update on the Water Shortage
Shelves still disturbingly empty. Supplies of ciabatta reaching danger levels. Sun-dried tomatoes all gone. Request vodka.

Whoops! (Apocalypse?)
Unfortunate remark made during BBC's studio coverage of the attacks on Iraq: "Well, here’s a blown-up map of Baghdad."